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A Busy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning your Yoga Mat.

Or just for days when you’re feeling particularly lazy 😉

Anyway, whether you go to yoga a few times a week or once a month, a practice you should reeeeeeeally get in to is regularly cleaning your mat.

There are a plethora of ways to clean your mat – most popularly, using your own DIY mixtures with essential oils.  I haven’t had anywhere near enough time lately to try making my own cleaner, so I rely on my favorite all-natural cleaners that are readily awaiting use in my cabinets!

My personal favorites to use are Mrs Meyer’s Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner (Rosemary) and The Honest Co. Multi-Surface Cleaner. Both of these products are natural, non-toxic, and free of chemicals or synthetic fragrances … which is SUPER important when searching for a new cleaner for your mat! Think about it – your entire body including your face is on that mat throughout your practice.  Do you really want chemicals and toxic ingredients on your skin? Probably not.  So, definitely search for those all-natural ones!

All you need to do is spritz your all-natural cleaner on your mat (enough to scrub every inch of it, but not so much that it is completely doused with it.  Use your judgement!), grab a sponge or a micro-fiber cloth, and gently scrub to get all of that grime, dirt, and sweat off. Something to be aware of is that Mrs Meyer’s sprays out of the bottle a little lighter (which I like).  The Honest Co sprays out a lot at a time, pretty aggressively.  So, just be aware of that when spraying on your mat – see how much comes out after the first spritz, and figure out from there how much you should spray on.

Once you’ve scrubbed it & feel good about the clean-factor, you’ll want to hang it up somewhere to dry.  Where we live, I usually like to hang it out over our porch railing to dry in the fresh air.  On those particularly rainy or windy days though, I like to hang it up over my shower rod to dry – which might be a great idea for any of you who do not have a porch or don’t want to leave your mat outside.

Another busy girl idea is to keep some all-natural wipes on hand to quickly clean your mat, if you don’t always have the time (or space, or energy) to pull out the spray bottles and give it a good scrubbing.  If you’re a yogi on the road, this might be your best option for a quick clean!

What about you? Do you have any methods that you use? Or that you like even better? Leave them in the comments!



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