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Clean Home, Happy Home

Today! Today, today, today!

I FINALLY found a product that can get rid of the gross water stains and soap scum from the shower! I really should have taken before and after pictures, but I didn’t realize just how well and how quickly this stuff would work! We’re renting a cute little cottage right now … but for the life of me, I have never been able to completely clean the stains and scum out of the shower and bath tub.  It was that way when we moved in over a year ago, and I tried everything to remove it.  Some products did pretty well, and got most of it off … but most just wasn’t gonna cut it!

I stopped at Kimberton Whole Foods this afternoon to pick up some cleaning supplies and essential oils.  While walking through the aisle I saw Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Tub & Tile in Lavender.  I have always loved Mrs. Meyers.  When we can afford it, I use their laundry detergent, fabric softener, hand soap, and dryer sheets … everything works fantastically well.  That being the case, once I saw the “SALE” sign, I had to have it! As soon as I got back home, I decided to test it out … and holy cow was this stuff amazing.  Grime that I honestly thought was impossible to remove wiped right off after a few sprays & a quick scrub with a scouring pad.  Gone! Just like that!  My husband even noticed … and since when do husbands notice a clean bathroom? 😉

I don’t think I’ll ever be using anything else! This stuff is killer!

Lavender Tub and Tile




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